Our Aim

    • To reach the soul of a child by learning focus on sports and co-curricular opportunities which facilitates children’s holistic education.


    • To be an international school with an Indian mind, heart and soul which prepares children for the 21st century.


    • To accept and respect all individuals without any bias or prejudice, irrespective of any differences and create an inclusive learning community.


    • To create an awareness among the learners of their social responsibilities, and equip them with skills to adapt to the changing needs of a global environment.


    • To offer better learning possibilities and good learning environment.


    • No child left behind: Special attention to those students who did not have the opportunity to learn at multiple levels.


    • SKALVI stands by the proven facts that path to success is comprised of 88% right attitude along with education and 12% of only education. Hence, SKALVI accommodates learners to experience life and motivate them to broaden the vision in finding multiple creative solutions to success.


Mr. Sathish Kakal

Mr. Kakal is an Electrical Engineer and worked for Software industries and call centre companies.He has a family business in Food Hospitality Industry as well as in Education Industry.He owns chain of restaurants by the name of KAKAL KAIRUCHI & DANAPANI Fine Dining. His family trust ‘Kakal Foundation’ funds the ‘Kakal first Grade College of Arts and Commerce’.He believes in strongly in Indian values and culture. The Values he endeavour to deliver on are •Integrity and fairness • Attitude is everything • Respect and caring • Diversity • Always learning always teaching • Team work & Edification and Excellence

Message from the Founder Directors

SKALVI International School prepares children for global citizenship with an Indian heart and mind and mind, having an Indian soul. I would like you to meet a school with an embodiment of values that celebrates the culture of excellence with its students. SKALVI a happy school “Where acquiring Knowledge is a pleasure and Learning is a joy” and “Where Virtuosity and Inventiveness are a passion, Success, culture and Attitude have a pre-eminent place.”

Mr. R. Sunder Raju

The one who falls and gets up is much stronger than the one who never fell. ” Mr. R. Sunder Raju, a firm believer of this philosophy, juggled in garment industry, movies, TV productions, before fulfilling his long cherished dream of starting a school in his city. Mr. Raju showcased his grit to succeed in the field of education when he became the franchise owner of EuroKids. In just 8 years, he made Eurokids a household name in J.P.Nagar and is now successfully running four centers. Beyond the walls of the classroom, he coaches students for cricket and badminton. His close interaction with children on the field gives him a window to understand their world.

Ms. S Usha

She has an experience of over 28 years in the field of education. During her career she has worked in various schools across India. She has a Masters degree in Software Engineering along with Bachelors in Education and Professional Diploma in CIDTT from University of Cambridge. During her career she has been awarded and recognized for her commitment and contribution towards education and student’s development.

Message from Principal

Skalvi is a positive learning environmental school that affords all students the opportunity to learn and grow. It’s a place which offers a diverse curriculum with high academic standards.SKALVI is creating a space that will enhance learning, enhance the community and will continue to enhance vigorously and rigorously.We continue to plan our students’ success keeping in mind the three dimensions- Academic Excellence, Spiritual Growth and Service to the society. These three dimensions recognise the overall development of a child and are defined by six key areas – Success, Knowledge, Attitude,Learning, Virtuosity and Inventiveness. These six key areas set our students on the path to a constructive and productive future. SKALVI is going to be an achievement by itself due to its unique child developmental program where each student will experience & cherish their growing years.A thousand small acts created by Skalviates shall generate a tiny ripple of hope in the society which will be the instrument to structure a ‘better world’ tomorrow.


Skalvi Vision

A learning Community dedicated to Academic excellence, spiritual growth and service.

Skalvi Mission

An Ecologically Sensitive and Spiritually engaged Educational Institution, committed to provide, SUCCESS through insight KNOWLEDGE, Positive ATTITUDE and LEARNING, based on VIRTUOSITY and INVENTIVENESS.