Our Philosophy

Skalvi Learning happens through experience and reflection on doing. Our “Child Centered’’ philosophy emphasises that a child acquire essential life skills through exploration and discovery. Integrated use of scientifically designed, games, music, theatre, art, craft and technology in our School curriculum makes learning fun and joyful for children. Our emphasis is on the child’s well-being and development, in close coordination with parents, makes Skalvi a perfect experience for you.



@ SKALVI deliberately focuses on incremental challenges and sharing timely feedbacks resulting to corrective methods which will ensure success becoming a habit.



@ SKALVI will enhance Skalviates to become the next generation of knowledge builders or knowledge generators. .



@ SKALVI believes that success is comprised of 88% right attitude and only 12% education. Attitudes are nothing more than habits. At Skalvi, the right habits are introduced, groomed, nurtured & stirred towards right direction.



@ SKALVI is nothing but framing of ideas & mental models, then later how to construct information in their head while having access to a high-quality education relevant to the 21st century



@ SKALVI stands for being skilful, master, expert, proficient, excellent, brilliant, genius and creative. In another words ‘self-mastery’ leads from dependency to interdependency.



@ SKALVI is a conclusive approach. The learner develops the capacity to think leading to creativeness, teamwork and develops effective communication skills.


3C : Cleanliness • Compassion • Commitment

3D : Determination • Discipline •Devotion

3R : Respect • Responsibility • Reliability

  • Sincerity in Thought, Word, Action
  • Kindness And Generosity in all
  • Accountability In every Action and Inaction
  • Lenity In Humanity
  • Vitality In Mind Body Spirit
  • Integrity in Action, Value & Methods.

Best Part skalvi heading

  • A class Teacher remains same from Grade 1 to Grade 5 to nurture the bond between them.
  • Language is taught using musical instruments and playing songs
  • A secondary student can choose any of the foreign language from the given list.
  • No examinations are conducted till grade 5 and move to next class on the basis of internal assessment.
  • Different kind of games are played at Skalvi by students to create better understanding, trust for each other, learn team building, and social qualities Instead of More Standardization…Greater Personalization
  • Instead of Exclusive Focus on Literacy and Numeracy – Deep and Broad Learning
  • At Skalvi teaching is about the quality of lessons, not quantity

Our Programs

At Skalvi, we are redefining education with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment. Our ‘Child-Centered’ ideology is the core of our pedagogy which enables us to ensure a child’s development towards success.
Our programs are designed to help a child learn & enhance life skills needed to succeed in school & beyond.
Skalvi Pre-School curriculum is full of fun activities like musical experiences, storytelling, Do it yourself (DIY) kits and a healthy mix of indoor & outdoor play. Each day Skalvi introduces a new learning experience to a child.