Our Philosophy

Skalvi Learning is centered around the belief that learning is a product of experience and thoughtful reflection on one's actions. Our philosophy focuses on a child-centric approach, which underscores the importance of children acquiring crucial life-skills through exploration and discovery. By seamlessly incorporating scientifically crafted games, music, theatre, art & craft into our school curriculum, we ensure that learning becomes a delightful and enjoyable experience for children. With a dedicated emphasis on the well-being and holistic development of each child, Skalvi offers a perfect and enriching educational experience.



@ Skalvi is a conscious focus and regular feedback that leads to curative methods ensuring habituated success.



@ Skalvi will enhance Skalviates to become the next generation of builders or generators.



@ Skalvi believes that success comprises of 88% right attitude and only 12% of education. Attitude is nothing but right habits. At Skalvi, the right habits are introduced, groomed, nurtured & stirred towards the right direction from early age itself.



@ Skalvi enables children to frame ideas & create innovative models by having access to high quality education relevant to the 21st century.



@ Skalvi entitles a child to become a master of skills by developing expertise and being creative in any task they undertake.



@ Skalvi is to cultivate the ability to engage in critical thinking to foster creativity and bordering it with teamwork.


3C : Cleanliness • Compassion • Commitment

3D : Determination • Discipline • Devotion

3R : Respect • Responsibility • Reliability

  • Sincerity in Thought, Word, Action
  • Kindness And Generosity in all
  • Accountability In every Action and Inaction
  • Lenity In Humanity
  • Vitality In Mind Body Spirit
  • Integrity in Action, Value & Methods.

Best Part of Skalvi

  • A strengthening triangle bond between Academics, Health and Physical Activities.
  • Redefining education with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment.
  • Apart from the class teacher, Primary students have associate teachers to bring them at par to their respective grade level.
  • U- shaped seating arrangement of the classroom to ensure equal and undivided attention.
  • Prioritising integration of core subjects with co-curricular activities.
  • Eureka moments are created every now and then to provide hands-on experience.
  • NEP ready school.

Our Programs - Affiliated to Cbse

Bal Kendra: Pre-Montessori and Montessori
1 :: 2.6 – 2.11 years

Bal Vatika: Skalvi Foundational Years :: Montessori 2, Montessori 3,
Grade 1 & Grade 2

Skalvi Preparatory Years ::
Grade 3 to Grade 5

Skalvi Middle Years ::
Grade 6 to Grade 8

Skalvi Secondary Years ::
Grade 9- Grade 12